Shockingly simple Machine Learning at the press of a button

Enjoy powerful Machine Learning without ever leaving Google Sheets.


Shockingly simple Machine Learning in Google Sheets enables anyone with a spreadsheet to experience the power of Machine Learning without having to know how to work with Machine Learning (Don’t worry if you don’t know what a “model” or “training” is, you won’t have to learn it).


Speed up repetitious data entry.

Detect strange values

Find abnormal cell values in your spreadsheets.

Predict the future

Forecast future sales (or anything else of interest).


Acquire an intuition for Machine Learning itself.

Get started

To get started, simply install the Sheets Add-on, then choose Start from the menu and follow the on-screen instructions.

1. Install the Sheets Add-on
2. Choose Start

Jacques from AVNT Labs says:

" enabled us to understand where Machine Learning was (and wasn’t) useful to us. Since then we have hired a data scientist to do some custom projects for us but we still use and rely on in tons of our spreadsheets.

No need for our data scientist to do the work that an add-on can do :)"


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